160 not out

I like lists.  I make a lot of lists, most of which don’t come to anything.  Most lists are about films.  Which ones I want to see, which ones the experts tell us to see, lists of directors work, lists of actors work…you get the idea.  I sound like some kind of nut, but I’m not, honest, Harvey tells me I’m fine and I believe him.

Anyway, since January 2004 I’ve kept a list of every film (probably 99%) that I’ve watched.  I’m not alone in this of course, there are websites dedicated to logging which films you’ve watched, which is why I know I’m no nut!

So the reason for this post is this.  On Friday November 11th, I reached 160 films watched in 2011.  The film was Monty Pythons Life of Brian.  I didn’t particularly enjoy it, I’m a fan of the television show but I’ve not enjoyed their films, I’m not sure why.

So 160 films means I’ve watched a film on average every two days since Jan 1 2011 – okay now I sound like some kind of nut.  If only I was good at film criticism, I could get paid to watch them.

If you’d like to see which films I’ve watched this and other years, check out my lists over at imdb.com – Watched in 2011