Way out West…

Tired of driving in the same direction, to the same places, last weekend I went west towards Carmarthen.

I visited the National Botanical Garden of Wales, I’d not been before but had intended to visit at some point with Mum.  It being a chilly-ish November day, there weren’t a great deal of people on site, nor where there many plants!  I would expect a visit in the spring or summer would be a more colourful day.

That said it wasn’t a complete bust, there are a few indoor areas that have plants all year round.  The first of these is the Tropical House the name gives it away, a hot steamy greenhouse that has some colourful plants along with some massive jungle-esq plants.  I had my camera with me (I try to take a picture at most places I go) so decided to get a few examples to remember the place.  The first photo didn’t go so well, I should’ve realised when my glasses steamed up, that the lens may need a wipe first!

As I said it wasn’t exactly Britain in Bloom in the outside areas, but that didn’t stop me or the 5 other people I saw having a wander round.  There are various examples of art and sculpture dotted around the gardens and site.  Modern Art does nothing for me but if it floats your boat then here you go.

The main focus is the Great Glasshouse  Which from a distance looks like the Telletubbies have had the builders in and now have a glass roof.  The Glasshouse is split into six areas with plants from all around the world, being a plant novice I was completely unaware where in the world I was as I went around.  It is nice and relaxing but needs more places to sit.  There is an interesting exibition which looks permanent, and it’s all about fungus.  I went in becuase I’d driven an hour and I was going to see everything, and it was really interesting.  It doesn’t skirt around any part of the history of fungus, there is even a section on the magic type.  I didn’t get a picture as it was a bit dark, but there is even a hat made from a large South American mushroom, who knew you could make hats from fungi!

I’m sure this place is marketed as a family day out but you’d have to have kids who are really patient or in a pushchair, I’m not sure it would be an easy day.  I’m sure someone will prove me wrong, and I’d be happy for that to happen.

One last image, as I was having a look around the vast grounds, I could see this sculpture in the distace.  Its a bull, thats obvious even from a distance but when you get close you can see that its a metal frame which is stuffed with wool – and yes it’s even anatomically correct with a large metal appendage.