Bucket List

A Bucket List is a simple idea; a list of things you’d like to do before you die.

I’m sure there have been bucket lists for years but they came to prominence on the release of a film in 2007 where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman take a road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the bucket”.

If you search for ‘bucket list’ on the internet, you will be directed to various websites with lots of ideas to add to your bucket list, the clever ones even direct you to places where you can pay to do the things on your bucket list (isn’t the internet clever!). You will also be directed to real and poignant lists like Alice’s Bucket List, Alice is a 15 year old girl fighting cancer, see her blog here.

The reason for my list is simple; I need to experience life and the world.

Getting a little deeper: Those that know me well, know that I occasionally get migraine headaches, what you may not have known was that my Mum also had these headaches. Ever since Mum was diagnosed with her aneurysms, we both wondered if I have the same ticking time bomb in my head. Now I don’t go around thinking is this my last moment! But I’m not getting any younger and I need to do something with my life…the life my Mum gave me.

My bucket list will contain the most mundane things, like watching The Godfather Trilogy in one day, to slightly more adventurous ones; a skydive sounds like scary fun!

If anyone has any ideas however wacky, then please let me know. I might not do them but they might spur me on to do something similar.

The List So Far – and a few explanations

1. Watch The Godfather Trilogy in one day. 9 hours!

2. Watch The Lord of The Rings Extended Trilogy on one day. 12 hours!

3. Watch all six Star Wars films in one day. That’s a whopping 13 and a half hours!

  • I’m a film fan, so it seemed obvious to throw in a few film related challenges. I know it’s just sitting, but its sitting for a very long time.

4. Run a mile without stopping.

5. Run five miles without stopping.

6. Run a half marathon.

7. Run a marathon

  • I can already run a mile but it seemed logical step to tick off on the road to a full marathon. I’ve wanted to run the London Marathon for about 15 years, but as Roy Castle used to say “Dedication’s what you need!” and I just don’t have it. My aim is to apply for the 2013 London Marathon, and not putting an estimated time of over 6 hours!!

8. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

9. See the view from the top of St Pauls Cathedral.

10. See the view from the top of The Eiffel Tower.

11. Tandem parachute jump.

  • I have a thing about heights, it’s not that I’m totally scared of them (I have a healthy fear), I just have the urge to jump when I’m at height. I’m not alone in this, Google “urge to jump” and you’ll get a lot of responses from confused people like me, wondering why they have this urge. The French have a term “L’appel du vide” which translates as “Call of the void”, so just for fun I’m going to add a few “high” places to my list.

12. Visit each county in Wales, England & Scotland.

13. Visit the places I lived in prior to Brecon – Crickhowell, Bushey, Whetstone & Soest.

14. Go to the place of my birth; Harrogate.

  • These may take a while. If I leave the Civil Service in the Summer, then I’m planing on driving a weird convoluted route from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, so I might be able to tick some of these off.

15. Visit New York.

16. Visit Dallas & Dealey Plaza

  • As a boy I was fascinated by the JFK assasination, so a visit to Dealy Plaza is a must.

17. Watch a Six nations match

  • Despite living in Wales since 1988, I’ve never seen a rugby match live and in person (neither school, village/town or professional) so I have a tickets to see Wales v Italy on 10 March 2012.

18. Watch a Premiership football match.

19. Complete 100 consecutive press ups.

20. Read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

21. Read The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

22. Go whale watching.

23. See the Northern Lights.

24. See the Severn Bore.

25. Do a complete loop on the Circle Line.

  • I thought about this the last time I was in London, the Circle line has been extended so I’m not sure if it’s even possible these days. I shall give it a go though.

26. Swim with Dolphins.

27. See sharks close up.

28. Attend an F1 race.

29. ?

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  1. I don’t think you need to worry about aneurysms, but if you do 1 -3 on consecutive days keep an eye out for DVT’s!!!

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