Me on the Web

The other day I was trying to think how long I’ve been using the internet.  I’m sure there is evidence somewhere but I think it was around 1998.

As a home user, to get on the World Wide Web back then you had a noisy chirping modem and you also paid for what you used.  This was also the early days of online gaming, I remember playing a first person shooter, the name escapes me right now, but my first quarterly bill was nearly £250!  I soon changed the line to a rather quick (for the time) digital line, paid by the quarter and had no more sky high charges.

Back then chat rooms were the big thing, I spent many an hour chatting to randoms from all over the world, I distinctly remember two; FireRat2U who was an American in Texas, she worked as an EMT in her local Fire House; hence the name.  The other was a young Indian woman living in South Africa, we communicated by email for a few years after the demise of chat rooms but eventually the emails going back and forth got fewer and fewer.

Today my visible presence on the web is limited to a few websites.

Facebook – Just about anyone you know know will have a Facebook profile; I suspect you will have to be a ‘friend’ to see this page.

IMDB – One of my favorite websites; I visit it many times a day.  Since 2004 I’ve kept a spreadsheet with every (well 99.9%) film I’ve seen since January of that year.  Last year I started a list on which tracked the films I was watching as I saw them.  I’ve gone back and added 2009 and will eventually go back to 2004.  If you have a spare bored 5 minutes have a look at what I’ve been watching.  As I type this I’ve seen 201 films this year.

Last.FM – In 2003 I somehow stumbled on a University project which was trying to catalogue what songs people were listening to.  That project was called Audioscrobbler and it eventually merged with Last.FM.  I’ve been ‘Scrobbling’ since then, there has been the occasional gap so I’m sure my plays could/should be bigger.  A quick calculation tells me that I’ve listened to an average 14 tracks a day since I started in 2003.

I post now and again on AVForums, usually trying to wind up some pompous film snob and on a forum called OTF2.

Other sites that I like to visit are:

Burnham-on-Sea – This is where my Sister lives.  Brecon has a website but it’s rubbish, so I keep up to date with Burnham instead and laugh at the Grockle’s getting their cars stuck on the beach.

Spotirama – Quite possibly the best Spotify related blog ever?  This is a chap who puts together some of the best Spotify music playlists, if you use Spotify then you have to check it out.

SlashFilm – Film & TV blog that wins lots of awards

The Incredible Suit – Another film blog, the writer is a film reviewer, the blog contains his thoughts which are often quite funny.  He also runs a few competitions, one of which I won; mainly because only 3 people entered.  It did get my name into a YouTube video though.

Scouting NY – I’ve wanted to visit New York for a long time, while I was researching the city for a prospective visit, I came across this site.  It’s written by a location scout who documents the weird and wonderful places he comes across while doing his job.

This is only a flavour of the sites I visit, but I would say that my internet surfing seems to be limited to the same sites all the time, so if you have any recommendations then fire them at me through via the comments.