New Year’s Resolutions 2012

I think that I, along the majority of the Western World, make the same resolution every year – get fit and lose weight.

So this year, while I will try to do that, it won’t be a resolution this time around.

For 2012 these are things that I resolve to do:

  1. Be less serious
  2. Read
  3. Volunteer my time to help other people
  4. Get out of the house on weekends

It’s not normal to provide explanations to resolutions – but this is a blog and I guess there needs to be more to read.

‘Be less serious, life’s too short’

My seriousness stems from my shyness and thinking that what I’ve got to say isn’t important.  So if I’m in a group situation, I’ll probably just sit and listen rather than interject.  I’ll never be the life and soul of a party, sometimes I wish I was more outgoing and gregarious but I don’t think that’s me.  I’m a good listener but I need to speak sometimes!

I do have some non serious moments; these are mostly when I’m at Youth Club; I have no problem acting the fool in front of children, it’s just those judgemental adults I have trouble with! Lesley if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can attest to this.


I read on average one, yes one, book a year. I’m not a reader at all, I don’t think I ever have been.  I read every day but that’s on the internet, so I’m consuming words, facts, figures and trivia about vacuous famous people but it’s a rare occasion were I actually sit still and read a book.

I have read books nothing to heavy though, for a while in my 20s I was reading anything and everything by Michael Crichton and John Grisham – like I said nothing to heavy.  My two favourite books, both of which I’ve read a couple of times are about time travel.  ‘Timeline’ by Michael Crichton and ‘Time and Again’ by Jack Finney.

On my iPad I have the kindle app and the iBook store, so I have tens of thousands of books at my fingertips, this Christmas Amazon had a promotion were lots of kindle books were cheap, so I bought quite a few, whether I’ll ever read them is another matter.  I do have a bookshelf, and it’s just that one shelf, there are a few books on there to be read.

‘Volunteer my time to help other people’

This could just be for my soul or to make myself feel good about me, I’m not really sure.  I don’t know if I’ll even do it, could be a way to meet people I suppose.  I did see on the Volunteer Wales site that Brecon Mountain Rescue always need people to lie down in fields, so that the rescue dogs can practice, I think I’ll give that a go, but I might wait until it’s a bit warmer.

‘Get out of the house on the weekend’

Self-explanatory, this can be coupled with the one above.  It’s very easy when you are single just to keep your own company.  There are plenty of places in the UK, that I’d like to see, for starters there are lots in Wales.