All change!

After nearly twelve years in the same job, with the same two bosses, everything has changed. My job role, along with those of my three colleagues and many others around the country, was phased out at the end of 2011.

We found out that we were possibly going in mid 2010; of course we couldn’t tell anyone as it hadn’t been finalised. There were rumours of cuts all over the site, and it was hard to keep a straight face and my mouth shut when I kept being told by colleagues “Budgets will be safe, they’ll always need you!”

In Spring of 2011 it seemed more likely that we were for the chopping block. Word was coming down from on high that it didn’t look good. So we prepared for the worst; my immediate Boss got a new job, his Boss prepared for retirement and I just waited patiently for it all to happen.

So here I am, February 2012, without a job role and sitting it a pool of people waiting to be re-deployed, which means I have to find a new job. Whilst I’m doing that I have to come in everyday and work must be found for me by my new Boss – no gardening leave these days!

Having spent nearly twelve years in the same office, in January I found myself in two different offices within the space of three weeks due to a reorganisation in the building. The reorg was prompted by our office closing. The first was sparse and a little smelly as the previous occupier had a dog, but there was no ‘phone (bliss!) as the extension was being used temporarily by the office next door.

The second and my new home, is much larger, doesn’t smell, and I’m joined by a colleague who has also been moved from their previous office in the shuffle. It does feel as though we’re tucked away, and it is quiet in here, we don’t get many visitors but that will change when the office is up and running in its intended use as a Post Room.

Onwards and upwards!