Books & Short Stories – January 2012

One of my new year’s resolutions is to read more, and I have. I’ve not read a huge amount, but as my previous average was one a year, I think I’ve done well enough.

Someone at work told me I could be reading a book every week to two weeks, which I probably could but they don’t know how much television I watch!

This month I have read the following:

11/22/63 by Stephen King

I think this is only the second King book I’ve read, the other being ‘IT’. Those clued up on his books will know that a lot of King’s stories are set in Maine, this is also the case for part of this book. Our hero meets two characters from ‘IT’ and allusions are made to the events in that book.

I was drawn to this book as it has an element of time travel, a subject that I enjoy reading and watching. As you can see from the date it is also tied into the assassination of JFK. The basic plot is – a man is told of a wormhole located in a diner that will take him back to 1958, and he is asked to go back and stop Lee Harvey Oswald killing JFK. The book follows him through the five years leading up to November 1963. I’m not going to do any kind of review other than to say this I think this is a really well researched book and it held my attention from start to finish. I was a little disappointed by the ending but it does end as it should, I guess I’ve been watching too many American films where everything is tied up in a nice bow.

Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

My favourite book as a child/teen. Time travel once again plays a part. I saw this on the Amazon Kindle store and just had to read it again.

That’s Another Story  – Julie Walters (Autobiography)

Bought for me several Christmas’ ago and never touched. A good book that follows her life from childhood to the recent Harry Potter films. I didn’t realise she had done so much work on stage, and once even dated Pete Postlethwaite

The Clock That Went Backward – Edward Page Mitchell / The Velveteen Rabbit – Margery Williams / The Wish – Roald Dahl

Three short stories that I found online, The Velveteen Rabbit was the most interesting.

So that’s not too shabby; three books and three short stories.  On the menu next will be some Sherlock Holmes, I bought the complete Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for the Kindle.  Last week I even bought some real books, I went to the Cinema Bookshop in Hay, spent an hour wandering around and bought three; a collection of PG Wodehouse short stories and two about film.

If anyone has any recommendations then please let me know.