1001 Albums #2

Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley – 1956
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First Listen

Prior knowledge of this album
A number of the songs

Standout Tracks
Blue Suede Shoes
I Got a Woman
One-Sided Love Affair
Tutti Frutti
Blue Moon
Money Honey

The Spotify link will take you to an 18 track album, for the purposes of this ‘review’ I’m basing it on the first 12 tracks, as this was the original track listing.

I’m an Elvis fan. Early Elvis is good stuff, later Fat Elvis isn’t as good – this may change as I’m going to seek out his other albums. If I read the right article, there are only 2 Elvis albums in the 1001 I’m going to listen to. I think the other one is around the 1968 comeback, I’ll have to wait and see.

Even though I’m a fan, I’ve probably only listened to the hits and not the album filler. On this, his first album he does some really odd stuff with his voice that surprised me. I’m used to the classic Elvis ‘vocal’ but his version of Blue Moon, which I’d not heard before, is not the classic Elvis ‘vocal’. It’s very soft and he does lots of oohs in a very high pitch.

This is of course a cover album, and there are versions of these songs that have been done much better than shown here; Tutti Frutti, Blue Moon & I Got a Woman but he puts his own style on the songs. I can see why he was such a big hit with the teenagers of the mid 1950’s.

I really like this album, yes there are a couple of tracks that didn’t really grab me, but even those are decent. I’ve listened to the complete album twice now and will definitely be listening again.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
4 out of 5