1001 Albums #3

The Louvin Brothers – Tragic Songs of Life – 1956
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Standout Tracks
What is Home Without Love?
A Tiny Broken Heart
Knoxville Girl
Mary of the Wild Moor

Sinatra’s album of sad songs made me sad. This album of sad songs entertained me. The difference, it’s a country album! Okay that’s not the reason, I think I would say it’s the singing style.

This is proper country music, two brothers singing in harmony only accompanied by guitar, bass and a snare drum. The songs are all about murder, death, grief, lost sweethearts and love that just hasn’t worked out. By rights it should be a terrible listen but because the harmonies are so amazing it’s hard not to like it.

The songs are all self contained stories, no repeating chorus’ or fancy tricks, just songs telling a story from A to B.

Although I’d heard the name ‘The Louvin Brothers’ before I’d not listened to their music, I do however have a Charlie Louvin album which was released a few years before his death. The other brother Ira died in the 1960’s, he was a walking Country Song, he was a hard drinking, wife beating brother, who died in a car accident. With Ira’s death Charlies career kind of stopped, sad really who knows how far they could have gone.

Despite the title and the nature of the songs, this is a really good album.

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4 out of 5