1001 Albums #5

Fats Domino – This Is Fats – 1956
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First Listen

Prior knowledge of this album

Standout Tracks
Blueberry Hill
Honey Chile

I thought I would’ve liked this more as I like this 50’s style of music, or at least what I class as this style of 50’s music. I’m lumping a few people in here; Fats, Elvis, Buddy Holly & Jerry Lee Lewis. 50’s pop I suppose.

My first thoughts were; ‘I thought this was faster’ as I was listening to Blueberry Hill. It’s odd how your recollection of songs that you knew as a child or teen gets distorted as you get older. If like me you are in your 30’s or older, go back and listen to those songs you liked in your earlier years but haven’t listened to in a while, I would bet that some don’t sound as you’d expect.

There’s a lot of decent music here, and I enjoyed it enough as it played. I listened to it a couple of times, due to the time I was taking me to get something written. With each subsequent listen I didn’t find anything else that I liked about it. I’ve added Blueberry Hill & Honey Chile to my ‘I Like These’ playlist which is high praise!

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
3 out of 5