1001 Albums #6

Duke Ellington – Ellington at Newport 1956 – 1956
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Standout Tracks
First 9 minutes of track 1

Jazz. Let me start by saying I don’t like Jazz.

Now that’s a massive sweeping statement, Jazz comes in lots of different forms and I’m sure I don’t really not dislike the whole genre. The kind of Jazz I don’t like is that plinky plonky, random notes on some brass instrument, kind of Jazz; and there’s plenty on this album.

This is a live album, or at least that’s what you are supposed to think, it is in fact a live album that was part re-recorded in a studio due to some gremlins at the live venue. The Spotify link will take you to a 3 track album, there are 2 long tracks separated by a shorter track.

This is an album that I’ve listened to twice now, and I’m glad I did. The first time I think I had my ‘I hate Jazz’ hat on and I just let it wash over me. The second was earlier this week as I was getting ready for work, and the early part of track one had me dancing and bopping around the house!

It has some of the Jazz traits that I don’t like but it also has enough rhythm to get me unashamedly dancing around the house; albeit with the curtains closed and no one else around. Although it was a bit like a Morecambe and Wise sketch as I bopped around the house, filled my bag with my stuff, put the key in the door still bopping to the Jazz, only to walk out the door without so much as a flicker of movement on my face or body!

The rest of the album didn’t grab me as much, it was really nice to listen to on my way to work but I wouldn’t return to it in a hurry

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
The first 9 minutes of track one – 4 out of 5
The rest of the album – 3 out of 5