Thanks to Comedy Central UK, I have now seen all 236 episodes of Friends.

I watched most of the original run but I never watched every episode. I even had the first two series on VHS.

For years I was always just about to buy them on DVD but never quite got around to doing it, so when Comedy Central announced they would be showing the series from the start and in glorious HD, I knew I had to watch.

That was back in September 2011, the final two episodes were broadcast on Wednesday. It being one of the best comedy television series ever, it started all over again on Thursday, and boy was I tempted to keep it in the planner! But I haven’t as I have other things to watch, although I can’t rule out checking the schedules in four or five months to see where the series is up to!

I’ve laughed a lot during the series, full on belly laughs at times – I only wish I’d made notes of those moments, so that I could scour YouTube and share those laughs.

I was in fact going to scour YouTube for clips to put up, and while there are lots on there, I’m going to post just one. It’s a Chandler zinger, of which there must have been thousands during the entire run.