1001 Albums #8

The Crickets – The “Chirping” Crickets – 1957
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Standout Tracks
Oh, Boy!
Not Fade Away
Maybe Baby
Tell Me How
That’ll Be The Day
Rock Me My Baby

As I listen to the 1001, I’m putting them into order of ‘most likely to be listened to again’ down to ‘I never want to hear this again!’ This album by The Crickets flies straight in at number two behind Elvis Presley.

Looking ahead on the list of the 50’s I’m not sure if anything will displace either artist but you never know – I’m trying to keep an open mind , which is getting harder as the Jazz gets Jazzier – but more on that in blog posts to come.

I’ve been a fan of Buddy Holly since about 1985, I know this because in the UK there was a TV advert for Scotch videotapes and it proved to be my first exposure to the music of Buddy Holly and The Crickets.

Then at School we read ‘Buddy’ which was turned into a television series and we watched the follow up film ‘Buddy’s Song’ featuring Roger Daltry and Chesney Hawkes.

The soundtrack from the film contains a song that may only be familiar to UK readers. ‘The One and Only’ by Chesney Hawkes, the video shows scenes from the film. As it’s been so long since I saw it, I have no idea if the song is featured in the film at all, or was just to promote young Chesney.

Anyway back to the album and boy is it good but it also skips along at a fair pace. Just shy of half and hour, another album where there isn’t a bad song – how many modern albums can that be said of? This is good ol’ fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll at its finest and deserves to be listened by modern ears.

Not all his hits are here, some more familiar songs followed on his next album which was self-titled. I knew I was going to like this and I did.

I was going to add a video of him doing one of the songs I picked as standouts, but there wasn’t anything particularly decent…and then I came across the video below. It’s of the band performing Peggy Sue but that’s not why I picked it, just listen to the presenters introduction, I’m hoping she wasn’t just reading a script and was indeed the forward thinking woman she appears to be!

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
4 out of 5