1001 Albums #9

Count Basie – The Atomic Mr. Basie – 1957
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First Listen

Prior knowledge of this album
Nothing at all

Standout Tracks

My knowledge of Count Basie is practically non-existent, I’ve heard his name and I know he does (or did) Jazz, that’s as far as it goes.

I could stomach most of this album, it does go into the twinkly piano Jazz quite often but I don’t remember wanting to turn it off, which is a good sign!

However I didn’t really enjoy it, as I listened I didn’t highlight any tracks as standout. These tracks are usually those that I liked and want to hear again, they get put in my ‘I like these’ Spotify playlist, but conversely I didn’t hate it.

I listened to the album last week and have been slow putting my thoughts down, I’m flicking through the tracks as I type and there’s nothing jumping out at me that I overlooked on my initial listen.

I’m sure Jazz aficionado’s love this album it’s probably right up their street but I like my music a bit more linear I suppose, I don’t mind repetitive, I just have to have an idea where it’s all going.

Overall – not bad, just not for me.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
3 out of 5