1001 Albums #12

Miles Davis – Birth of Cool – 1957
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Prior knowledge of this album
Nothing at all

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I’m going to have to echo my sentiments about the previous two albums! I’m still struggling with this Jazz thang!

These past few albums have really slowed me down, I’ve listened to them but I’m having a hard time writing about them. It’s sometimes easier to write about something you don’t like but that hasn’t been the case here. Perhaps because it’s not music I’m familiar with, is what is making it hard to write about.

To give it a fair crack I have listened to the album twice and nothing grabbed me at all.

I said at the top of this challenge that I’m just a bloke whose listening to music and that obviously stands, if I was a proper (or perhaps better) writer then I’m sure I could come up with some words to describe how I really feel about Jazz.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
2 out of 5