1001 Albums #15

Tito Puente and His Orchestra – Dance Mania, Vol. 1Here’s Little Richard – 1958
Tito Puente – Dance Mania Vol.1

First Listen
Yes (I did listen to it twice though)

Prior knowledge of this album

Standout Tracks

I’m writing this after a second go through the album; the first was in March. I’ve left it this long because I was struggling with the music of the 1950’s. This challenge to go through all 1001 is one I want to and will do, I just didn’t expect to dislike a lot of the music straightaway!

This is a very happy album, each track bounces along for about three minutes and then ends. I didn’t dislike it, I just can’t conceive of a time where I would want or need to play it again.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
3 out of 5