1001 Albums #17 – Jack Elliott

Jack Elliott – Jack Takes The Floor – 1958
Ramblin’ Jack Elliot – Jack Takes the Floor

Prior knowledge of this album

Standout Tracks
Nothing stands out but the album is still worth a listen

Before starting this challenge and listening to this album I’d not heard of Jack Elliott. As soon as he started singing I felt as though I’d been listening to him for years; because he sounds like Bob Dylan does on his first album. Dylan voice was a little rougher but it is quite similar in style.

Of course this album was released four years before Dylan’s so it’s obvious who influenced who, also featured on this album is Woodie Guthrie a big influence on Dylan.

These are songs that tell stories and these are the kinds of songs that I like. Despite saying that and liking the album enormously I’m finding it hard to pick out individual songs to add to my standout list.

This is a proper slice of folk music, I’ve mentioned him more than the artist here but if you like early Dylan than you will enjoy this a lot. Even though I’ve found it hard to single out individual tracks, I shall definitely be listening to it again.

Hear again

Album Entertainment Rating
4 out of 5