Too much like a chore…

In my last post I wondered if I could watch a film a day for one month. Well it seems not, on the very day that I posted, I didn’t watch a film.

I love film, and can watch them all day long, but trying to fit one in everyday became a chore and that’s not good. Film should be about escapism, fun, scares, drama, comedy, action etc etc, not wondering if, when and what I’m going to watch.

As I said in my post, I was only attempting it as my local Blockbuster were doing a promotion. Every evening I would go along and have a look at the selection, and then have a look at the run time to make sure it wasn’t too long, I’ve been at work all day and while it’s not taxing, I still need my beauty sleep!

The other reason I was having trouble fitting in one a day? The European Football Championships.