Watchet & Minehead

I left a wet Brecon just before 0930 and arrived at a wet Burnham-on-Sea just before 1100. A scheduled stop at my Sisters for a cuppa and a bathroom break.

Suitably refreshed I headed for Watchet. The picture above is of ‘The Ancient Mariner’ he of the poem by Coleridge. The poem was written in this area.

The pictures were taken on my iPhone so I don’t know how well they will come out, I took some others with my camera, which I’ve transferred to my iPad but theres no wifi connection here (I thought there was), so this is all being done with my iPhone!!!

Watchet is a very pretty harbour town and the weather had improved to ‘light drizzle’. After a brief wander around the streets and quay side I went to find something to eat, and had a lovely pasty, note that it’s not a Cornish pasty, I’m still in Somerset after-all!

Looking out from the harbour wall, you can see Wales! It’s Barry I think.

I only spent an hour in Watchet as I had to get to Minehead but its well worth a visit and I might go back to see the bits I missed.

I couldn’t put it off anymore, I had to put up the tent. If anyones been to Minehead before, my campsite is on North Hill, pretty much right at the top. It’s a steep hill in a car, even steeper when you walk up it.

The weather was kind to me and didn’t rain whilst I was putting up the tent, thankfully it was straightforward. As a first time camper, I’ve brought far too much stuff with me, and spent the next hour working out what I needed in the tent and what I didn’t; it seemed that every time I got back in the tent, I thought of something else that I needed and I must have made 20 trips to the car!!

Finally happy I set off for the town via a very muddy path that took me through the trees of North Hill. The campsite staff advised me to ‘walk down taxi back’ which was good advice.

If I’m honest I was quite disappointed with the seafront, a couple of chippies and two arcades – I went in both and a sign of my progressing age, didn’t have any compulsion to play anything. On seaside holidays of yore, I spent a lot of time and money in those type of places.

My intention was to find some proper food but caved in and had jumbo sausage and chips! I sat on a bench looking out at the sea, all whilst being watched by a seagull.

Getting a bit tired I headed back into the town to find a taxi, just my luck…no taxis. I could have googled one but as the weather was still holding I decided to walk back to the campsite. Which was okay, the first part is like the hill up to Brecon High/Leisure centre, but the last half mile is like the last bit of road up to Cwm Gwdi, that is to say very steep. All good exercise I suppose.

Lighthouse Watchet Harbour

Day two will be – Cleeve Abbey, Dunster Castle and if its open, Minehead Crazy Golf!