Lynton & Lynmouth

There is wifi on this site but not where I’m pitched!

So until I can post pictures from my camera rather than iPhone, I’ll just give a brief description of my days from now on.

I got my garden chair, and also a rubber door mat for the tent entrance (stops it getting muddy)

On the way to Lynmouth I stopped at Porlock, nice place, awesome sausage bap in a pub called ‘The Old Chapel’, which is run by a bloke from Reading.

The drive out was an experience; it’s a 25% incline! and I couldn’t get out of 1st, I tried but very nearly stopped dead in the road.

The way down into Lynmouth is a 12% decline (the right word?), and is equally scary.

The weather was great, no rain, lots of sun and just the right temperature.

Lynmouth is small and very nice, it is centred around one street with all the tourist friendly bits to hand. No bank though!

For that you need to go to Lynton and the easiest way to get there is on the Lynton & Lynmouth (water powered) Cliff Railway.

I had a round on one of the two putting courses – I was distinctly average!

My campsite is out of Lynton so another hill climb, which starts with another 25% incline!

In Wales people walk on hills, in Devon they build roads on them 🙂