3rd July – Minehead

Other than the couple I’ve already posted from my camera, I didn’t take any other pictures in Watchet. Which is a shame because it was really nice.

The view from my campsite to the sea front at Minehead – The white pointy structure is Butlins.

My walk down from the campsite to Minehead was to the left of this field of pinky/purple flowers, down the hill and through all the trees you can see. It was rather muddy and I didn’t see any other people for the 20 minute walk. Which I normally wouldn’t have a problem with, however this was a muddy track, through the woods, all alone!

A horse in a field, which ignored me – why I was trying to attract it I have no idea, but that’s just come back to me.

The beach. As I said in my first post about Minehead, I didn’t like the town at all. I should’ve taken a picture of what’s to my right; which is pretty much a chippy and a couple of amusements. The beach was clean though, which is good.

The view back up North Hill where my campsite was. It was located pretty much where the top of the trees meets the skyline! I had to walk/drive past the Church you can see on the right.

Just below the Church is the War Memorial.

Near the church there are the Church Steps, which I didn’t get a ‘photo of, the one time I walked past it, I didn’t know they where there. It wasn’t until I saw a picture later on, that I realized I’d already walked past them.

This is a photo of a lane a little bit further along, looking down rather than up, which is similar, just no steps.

When I was planning this trip I went to Hay-on-Wye and into the Cinema Bookshop, as they have a large selection of older travel books. I bought two; The Exmoor Companion (1971) & the Devon and Cornwall Youth Hostel Association Regional Handbook (1954).

This is a scan from the Exmoor Companion, which describes the Church Steps in Minehead (bottom left)