4th July – Cleeve Abbey

Part of the Abbey buildings. This shows the dorms on the first floor level, the opening with a sign in front is the meeting room (forgotten the correct term!), and the stones on the right show where the church was. Henry VIII had it knocked down.

The room where the Monks took their meals.Close up on some of the ceiling figures.

And this is how it possibly looked originally.via

The pulpit on the right is no longer there, it was replaced by a fireplace, which you can see in my picture. The entrance to the steps is still visible to the left of the fireplace.

The rebuilt ceiling of the room where the monks carried out all their writing and daily works.

The dorms, a very long room. Some of it was sectioned off to give individual monks their own private space. They were even allowed to decorate their own space, although I couldn’t find any, the information blurb did say their where some decorations still visible.

A very very old piece of door frame.

The entrance gate.

How the Exmoor Companion describes Cleeve Abbey; also a comparison picture.