4th July – Dunster Castle

The Gate House at Dunster Castle

The Castle!It was a pretty wet day and I didn’t get too many ‘photos. It was also not possible to take ‘photos in the castle its self.

Onto the town – This is the Yarn Market, which was built in the late 16th century. Because this was a centre for wool and cloth trade the Exmoor Companion tells me that the word ‘duster’ is derived from Dunster, but I saw no mention of that titbit anywhere in Dunster its self. Whilst I was in the town it poured down, and the Yarn Market was a handy shelter!

The view along the main street looking back towards the Castle. This makes the road look wider than it felt at the time. This is the road that is controlled by traffic lights, which are located just around the bend at the top of the road.