5th July – Lynmouth & Lynton

I really liked Lynmouth, it’s not that big and it feels good to be there. I’m not sure how to explain how I felt when being there, other than if I were to re-visit any of the places I went to on the trip, Lynmouth would be very near the top.

The drive down into Lynmouth is another steep road, 12% decline I think, not so much fun as a driver, but I would think being a passenger would be great, as you come around the side of the hill and the coast just appears in front of you. I tried to look but thought better of it!

I parked on the esplanade and had this view straight away.

As I said the place isn’t that big but has enough to keep a visitor entertained; pubs, cafes, restaurants, ice-cream, putting! & those shops that cater purely for tourists where you can get rock, buckets & spades etc.

The area is famous for a flood that occurred in 1952, the river Lyn was widened not long after to prevent further floods.

This picture shows the main tourist street, there is also a street with shops behind the ones you can see on the left. To the right is a green area, with tennis courts, a play park and two putting courses.

I had a go on one of the two eighteen hole putting courses, I’d hoped to come back the next day and play the other, but the weather turned and it wasn’t possible. For the record my score was 59, I’ve no idea how good or bad that is though.
The main attraction in Lynmouth is the Cliff Railway up to Lynton. There are three ways to get to Lynton; drive up the steep road, walk up the steep path or let the train take the strain. For £3 return I chose the latter; in fact I rode it a couple of times.

Both times I went up were for the same reason; cash. There are no free cash machines in Lynmouth, for that service you need to go to Lynton.This is one of the two cars that you travel up in.

This shows the angle of the wheels.At the top there is a cafe/restaurant that serves a really nice cuppa.

And then there is the view.

From what I could see Lynton has the residential area and the more day to day shops, for those living here.

Most places around here have a museum and I think I went in most! The Lyn & Exmoor museum costs £1, and has lots of artifacts from the local area, the majority relating to the working lives of people. There is also a small display about the flooding in 1952.

As I wandered around, I heard some music coming from a doorway, I had a look in and it was a record shop, a real record shop! There’s not many on those about anymore. At home I’ve been getting rid of a lot of my CD’s but being in the car a lot led me to getting a couple; Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and a compilation of early mod songs.

Prior to making the trip, I made up lots of playlists on Spotify to play via my phone but I just wanted to listen to something different; there’s too much choice on Spotify.

I like Churches – not for the religion – for what’s inside. Here’s the Church in Lynton, I couldn’t get inside though.

In the Church yard there is a memorial to a local person; I should have noted who. The memorial has various places marked along with a line, which shows their relative position on the horizon. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.Once I was back in Lynmouth I headed for the campsite, another 25% incline and a section of road I’d never experienced before!

I suppose driving in different areas of the country can only be a good thing, if you are only driving around Merthyr, Abergavenny, Cardiff then you only see those roads, with the amount of miles I clocked up during the course of the trip, I was always likely to come across things I’d not seen before.

The road from Lynmouth to Lynton and beyond is as I say a 25% incline to begin with, the road to Lynton is a right hand turn and up another hill. I was carrying on about another mile.

The section that was new to me is where the turn to Lynton sits, and anyone coming down the hill has to stop and let anyone coming up to keep going. As I was going up there was a car coming down on my right, who of course stopped, I had a little panicked as I drove through thinking I’d done something wrong.

This is the section of road, which is steeper in person. You can see the Stop sign on the right, there is a corresponding sign for anyone coming down the hill on the opposite side.

I drove this a few times both up and down, the first time down was when it all made sense to me!

The only time I had an issue with it was the last time I went down the road. I was stopped coming down, and there was someone coming up and struggling to turn right. A few stalls and some high engine revs later and they were around. Which was when I started to travel down the hill, only problem was there were other cars behind that one also coming up; I caused a bit of chaos, but kept my head and foot down!

Anyway that was all in the future. The new campsite was very nice and I was tucked away behind some trees that kept me sheltered, which was good considering the weather was about to turn nasty.

Here’s where the tent was.