The Job Centre

This morning I had an interview at the Job Centre. I made the appointment on the advice of former colleagues, who said I should go along so that I get my Stamp or National Insurance contributions paid.

As I’m not currently looking for a job, I’d rather travel a bit and do other things for a while, I didn’t think I would be eligible for any payments.

So this morning I turned up 10 minutes early for my 1030 appointment, which commenced at 1040, and was done at 1045. As I thought, because I’m not looking for a job I’m not eligible for a slice of the £70-ish a week Job Seekers Allowance, and therefore will miss out on National Insurance contributions until I’m either looking for or have a job, which I can live with.

I think I made a claim way back when I was 18 or 19 but this is the first time I’ve been back into a Job centre for myself, since then. Without trying to sound like a snob or high and mighty, I wouldn’t employ some of those that came in to ‘sign on’ whilst I was there.

Some were scruffy & unkempt and in one case, in need of a good wash! One other proudly exclaimed to all those who would listen that “I’m on time this week”, well done that person, bravo to you.

Two young lads discussed joining the Army, one had tried and failed; he had thought about trying again but would have to “do basic again” and as he’d done it once, he couldn’t see why he had to do it again, “there should be a week for failures to try again” !!!

I won’t be going back for a little while, but if I do join the massed ranks of the unemployed and claim Job Seekers Allowance, I do hope I keep what standards I have and don’t slip.

Reading that back it does sound a bit snobbish, but a lot of the people that came in we’re well under 25, and I wonder how they’ll ever find gainful employment, with their daily appearance, attitudes and shoddy timekeeping.