6th July – Combe Martin & Wildlife Park

On my way to Ilfracombe I made an unscheduled stop in Combe Martin. By this point I was following the satnav a little too closely.

The satnav I have is the only one I’ve used so this may not be particular to the model I have. However when I type in a destination, a list of roads comes up, which isn’t that helpful if you don’t know the area you are going to. Usually at the top of the list are the major roads, so I hit that and then it brings up a list of post-codes.

For this particular journey Ilfracombe is on the A399, when I selected Ilfracombe and then the first post-code that came up, it landed me in Combe Martin! I should read the signs, I know that, I told myself that a lot over the course of the trip.

Anyway it was an excuse for a stop and a cuppa!

This is the beach / harbour area.

Once I had finished my cuppa, I carried onto Ilfracombe. On the way I passed the Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, and went in on my way back from Ilfracombe.

I’m not a fan of Zoo’s or wildlife parks but being as I was passing and had the time, I went in. More hills!, the road to the car park is another steep hill, is everything built on hills around here…it seems so.

Having driven up a steep hill, I know had to walk down a ridiculously steep path, in the rain, which meant it was a little slippery, and had to hand over £13.50 to enter.

On entry I was handed a map and a list of the animal shows on offer that day. A little later was a sea-lion show, so I headed around the rest of the exhibits to get there for the start of the show.

It was a wet day, so I didn’t take too many photos. Most of the animals looked bored anyway; the monkeys especially.

The first animals I saw were the Wallabies, including an albino.

Further on was an Emu.Through the wooded area which snakes through the park, are dinosaurs, of the static plastic variety, there are a few sound effects now and again. If you want moving plastic dinosaurs, they are located near the entrance, they move and roar and spray water on the hour!

Making my way towards the sea-lion show I came upon the penguins. Which are my favourite animal. The enclosure wasn’t that big and only one showed any interest in actually moving.

As I walked up he/she was standing near the fake palm tree, as penguins fascinate me I stopped, he/she looked over at me and then walked/waddled over the little bridge and onto the area in front of the fence.Eventually he/she hopped to the edge of the pool and dived in. He/she must have had something wrong in the ear area as there was lots of scratching whilst swimming about. I have a video which I will upload and post separately, as it takes a while to upload video.

The sea-lion show was very good, the trainer brought out two sea-lions which performed various tricks and routines. One even climbed the steps of a structure and dived off on command.
When the show finished I headed towards the Monkey enclosures and the Lions.

As I said at the top, the monkeys looked bored, it was raining so that may have had something to do with their state of mind. Most were indoors behind glass, and standing in front of the glass looking in, all you could see were little faces all looking out. Slightly depressing.

The lions weren’t much better, well I say lionS, it was really just a lion.
To finish I went to find the Meerkats, who were all underground! and the tropical section was rather empty. Although one little bird was quite clever, I don’t know if it has been trained but as I got in front of the information board that explained what species the birds were, it flew and sat above the very one for it’s own species.

I’ll get to Ilfracombe in the next post!