7th July – Clovelly

The weather overnight wasn’t as bad as expected. I received calls from my Dad and Sister who both told me there was a severe weather warning in the area.

It had rained overnight but I think that the wind was coming from the best direction as far as I was concerned. My tent was pitched behind a large group of trees, and I think it they took the brunt of it.

The rain was still coming down when I woke up, and I knew I would be taking down the tent in the next hour, thankfully it had eased by the time I was ready to start the dismantling. As I knew the weather was going to be quite wet, I’d bought some heavy duty black bags, and stuffed the tent into those rather than the bag it came in; it’s on loan to me and I’d like to get everything back to the owners in a decent condition!

With it all packed up it was off to Clovelly. I’ve been before, probably in my early teens. I have a few photos from my previous visit and it looks like a 12/13 year old me.

That day it was lovely and sunny, this time was very wet. It did dry up during the time I spent there which was good, as the village is built on a steep hill.

The view from the grounds above the village.

Steep and slippy in the wet! The advantage of visiting in the rain; less people, which means you get to enjoy the sights.

Looking up one of the alleys, and a couple of sleds that are used to transport everything up and down the street. If you want anything delivered it comes by sled.

A look back up the hill.The tea rooms where I had the second cream tea of the trip. I also listened in as a lady working there explained all about life in Clovelly. She doesn’t have a long commute to work as she lives in the house opposite!

The view from the lookout; locals would sit here and watch for returning boats.Looking down towards the harbour.The Red Lion pub……and about 20 years ago.

Looking out from the harbour to the waterfall. I didn’t remember the waterfall or even the beach area which is covered in large boulders. Looking back through old photos today, there is a picture, presumably taken by me, of my Mum and Sister standing on the beach.

I headed out to get a photo of the waterfall. As I did a large group from Birmingham kept pace with me over the wobbly, tricky surface of the boulders. I got in a decent position to take a photo, when some of them moved in front of me. At this point I have both feet on separate but seemingly steady rocks. To get my photo I move my right foot to where my left foot is, and then my world turned upside down.

As I mentioned it had been raining, and no doubt these rocks were under water at some point in the previous hours. My right leg caught something green (algae?) on the rock and slipped behind my left leg, I went down and landed on my back.

I was wearing a rucksack which broke my fall, however in my rucksack was the second lens to my Nikon, thankfully nothing was broken. I popped back up in a matter of seconds, facing the sea, I turned around to see the entire group, there were about 30 people, all looking my way! A quick thumbs up and they went back about their photo taking.

This is one of the photos I quickly snapped before getting out of dodge!!Looking back it’s amazing that I didn’t break:

my camera which was in my hand
the lens in my bag
the phone in my pocket
my head on a rock!