7th July – St. Gennys

Tent location

As I’m new to this camping lark, I didn’t foresee what I was told on arrival. I got there a bit early and the weather had cleared up, so it was an opportunity to get my wet tent into a breeze.

At reception during the conversation I said “my tent’s wet” and was met with the jovial reply of “so’s all our ground”, of course it had rained here to, and the ground was sodden, so much that they had to close quite a few of the pitches.

I was camped in a section normally reserved for camper vans and had the whole field to myself.As you can see from the photo the ground was boggy where the camper vans had been driven out. I used the black bags I bought as a barrier between the wet ground and the tent.

In the other sites I was able to park my car next to the tent, but due to the condition of the ground I had to park on a bit of hard standing about 40 feet away. Not a massive distance but I was still a bit disorganised and having the car close saves me a lot of walking back and forth!

Not long after I arrived some massive black clouds rolled over the site, thankfully it didn’t rain again.