10th July – St. Austell (Briefly, again), Falmouth & Sennen

Before heading down to the Land’s End area, I pitched up for one night at Tregurrian, just north of Newquay.

This was a much busier site that the others I had been on. There were a lot of families here, which is probably due to its proximity to Newquay.

In the morning I packed up and headed towards my final destination at Sennen Cove. To get there I decided to take in a few other places on the way.

The first of these was St. Austell. A place that I thought was by the sea, but once I’d parked up I realised that wasn’t the case.

So I decided to have a wander around the shops and find a coffee, which I found at the Eden Place Café.

A wonderful place, very relaxed and a great coffee. They are on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/edenprojectcafe

Refreshed I pressed onto the next destination which was Falmouth.

I liked Falmouth, what I didn’t like was getting to it, as there were lots of double roundabouts, something I’d not experienced before, and I’ll admit I don’t like them. I was never quite sure if I was okay to go or if I was about to get ploughed into.

On the way I saw signs for ‘Park & Float’ which intrigued me, so I went and parked at the Marina and had a look. It does what it says on the sign; you park and take a boat across the harbour. It cost £12, which is much more than I would normally pay of course, but where else can you get on a boat for £12?

I was a little queasy on the journey across and once back on terra firma I made for the nearest café for a drink and a sit down!

What I liked about Falmouth was that it caters for both the tourists and the residents. There are all the expected tourist shops; ice-cream, clothes, nick-knack’s etc but at the other end of the street are all the regular shops you would find on a normal high street.

I must have been engaged with what was around me as I only took six photos the whole time I was there.

Here’s some boats in the harbour Another showing the Maritime Museum (the tower and sloped roof) Lastly a Passmore Edwards Free Library Passmore Edwards was a proper Dude!  I first read about him when I spotted one of his buildings in London, that was a library too although it wasn’t being used as such, this one in Falmouth is still a library.

You can see a bench to the left of the bus stop, I stood there and took a photo whilst having a look at the building. A pensioner sat on the bench remarked ‘It’s a lovely building’ he didn’t know who Passmore Edwards was, so I told him the little bits I remembered and about the one I’d seen the one in London.

The main attraction in Falmouth is the National Maritime Museum, opened in 2003 it contains all sorts of boats from the ages. I’m not into sailing or anything but it was very interesting.

Time was getting on and I still had an hours drive to the next and final campsite at Sennen Cove.

Once again the SatNav got me lost (yes I’m still persisting with that excuse), this time only a 1/4 of a mile from the site. I was supposed to be on the A30 but with my SatNavs penchant for B Roads I ended up on the B3306 and at one point even drove past the site entrance but their were no signs facing that way!

To make matters worse I got to Land’s End a few days early and had to turn around in the car park before finally reaching the site, 40 minutes later than I could have been there!

The two site admins were brilliant, if you’ve been reading this from the start you’ll know I’m a novice camper, and although my tent had been water tight so far, one of the site admins laughed at how I’d put up the tent.

As I was on my own, he came around to check I was okay and then he saw the tent and asked if I’d finished putting it up and I thought I had…turns out that once I had pegged the tent out, I should have gone back around all the pegs and pulled them out a bit more for the proper tension. When he’d finished it looked like it did in the picture on the web! Lesson learned!