11th July – St. Ives

Before I go much further here’s a picture of the inside of my tent.It doesn’t look that tidy but I had a system going by this time. Electric at the front, tea & coffee front right, then headphones, satnav, journal, glasses and misc bits and then my iPad. Everything has a place, and everything’s in it’s place 🙂

My original plan was to go to Land’s End but after speaking with the site admins they advised that I go to St.Ives instead. The weather was going to turn nasty again, and they said I needed to see the town in the sun rather than the rain.

To get to St. Ives I went via Zennor, the road is very windy and has been written about as a good driving road since cars were first driven down here.

On the way I stopped to get a snap of these buildings which were just off the road, perhaps a home or something to do with the mining industry?I’d read a little about St. Ives before setting off and I knew there were a few beaches, a Tate gallery and that the light was really good which is why artists flock here. I thought the light thing was a myth and then I arrived.

It was amazing, the sky was so blue and everything did seem so much brighter and clearer, whether it was really or it was just my imagination I don’t know.

This is the largest beach and was full of people learning to surf, it was also the location of my encounter with the swooping ice-cream assassin a.k.a. a seagull

I’d walked along from main street towards the Tate gallery which is at my back where I’ve taken the photo above. I bought a lovely ice-cream, one of the best I had on the whole trip, a white chocolate and raspberry creation. I got to beach and was taking in the view when from out of nowhere a seagull swooped and took the ice-cream from my cone and it fell to the beach below.

I was stunned and held forlornly onto the cone, lamenting its loss! Not finished the seagull swooped down again this time for the cone and narrowly missed my fingers,I cut my losses and put the cone in the nearest bin and headed for the Tate. The current exhibition is of Alex Katz, I’d not heard of him before, I’m not into art a great deal so thats no surprise. His painting are visually striking, again not a real art fan so can’t critic but they seemed to me; simple, not using many colours to show his subject which is usually people in his life.

I’m not going to include any here so as not to infringe any rights etc but google him and have a look. Bear in mind when looking at the pictures that the real ones are massive, wall sized things.

Culture fix done I headed back to get another ice-cream! I explained to the seller what had happened and he gave me an extra scoop, and a word of advice, never got to the beach with an ice-cream in St. Ives!!!

I really enjoyed St. Ives and it’s one of the few places that I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. In all the time I spent in Cornwall & Devon at no point did I stay on the beach or even paddle in the water, so perhaps a beach holiday down this way is in my future.