13th July – Lizard Point, Mousehole, Lamorna, Land’s End, Sennen Cove & Minack!

My last full day in Cornwall was a busy one.

I started early and headed over to Lizard Point to stand at the most southerly point in mainland Britain. Once parked it’s a short walk to the Point.

Unlike Land’s End which I would get to later in the day, this place is very understated. There is a small shop, a cafe and oddly, a man selling clocks.

This is the view from Lizard Point and is about as far south as it’s safe to stand.

In this picture you can see a small jut of the cliff where I’m presuming people used to stand, it’s not possible to get to it safely anymore, there is a very prickly bush and a couple of very large rocks in the way. The way the wind was whipping across me, I was more than happy to be on a larger section of the point rather than that rather exposed bit.

I had a cup of tea in the cafe, which has one of the best views…that I didn’t take a picture of!

There’s not a great deal to here unless you want to walk along the coast, as I didn’t I made for my next destination; Mousehole.

Another small fishing village but a pretty one. The harbour was decorated for the Jubilee.

This is one of those Cornish towns who name isn’t pronounced as it’s written; Mousehole = Mowzle.

I didn’t hang around as I had other places to get to!

When I was at St. Michael’s Mount I had a chat with the lady on the till and she said that the best cream tea was at Lamorna. Which just happened to be on the way back from Mousehole.

It took me a while to find it as the cream tea is served in the Pottery, and I was looking for a town or villiage, I ended up at Lamorna Cove and was directed back by the helpful staff, who tried to persuade me to try their cream tea instead.

Lamorna Pottery does indeed serve a very good cream tea, and it was the best of the three that I had during my trip.

Heading back towards Land’s End I went looking for The Merry Maidens, my satnav even had them listed as an attraction but when I arrived at the destination, I was none the wiser. Something for next time.

I popped into the Minack Theatre to see if I could have a look around but there was a performance on, so that wasn’t possible, there was another performance that evening so I bought myself a ticket, and went onto Land’s End.

I came to Land’s End on a family holiday many years ago, I was going to scan a couple of pictures but my Sister saw them, and on the occasion of that holiday She was badly dressed and in a dark mood, so She asked if I would refrain from adding them to the blog, and being a good brother….I will oblige.

Land’s End is now promoted as an attraction, my general impression was that it was very tacky. The attractions aren’t that good, the price to gain entry to them all is about £10, cheaper on the day I went as one wasn’t working.

The sea rescue ‘sim’ just rattles you about on some very hard seats, very dull. The Merlin adventure is okay, obviously not aimed at adults but I was trying to think how the Young People at the Youth Club would react, and I don’t think they would have been entertained.

As every visitor does, I headed for the sign and to get a photo. I had my camera with me and once I had my official photo taken I asked if they would take one with mine. When I left my job amongst other good stuff I was given a Welsh Dragon, and I took it with me on the trip (as I will when I go across the US) and..well see for yourselves.The windswept hair also prompted a drastic haircut on my return home.There were two very noticeable changes, at least as far as memory served; The bridge behind the sign is no longer there, and the farm has had an overhaul. Where the farm is now there used to be a model village.


Bridge?Whilst I was on my way out of the complex I saw a cyclist with a few charity banners/balloons and some members of his family, as I passed him I asked him if he had ridden down from John O’Groats, which he had, good on him.

Despite camping at Sennen, I’d not actually been into the town (other than to have a meal a the First & Last pub) or Sennen Cove. So as it was my last day I thought I better had.

Sennen itself is quite small, I’d driven through it several times on the way to other places, or when I got lost on the first day. The beach however was quite large (once again on this trip I didn’t set foot on the beach), with a few shops and restaurants off it.

In the evening the theatre beckoned. The Minack is an open air theatre, built into the cliff face. Which means you have a great view of not only the stage, but the sea and horizon.

I was supposed to be sitting on a grass seat, but as I was on my own I was told to follow an usher and ended up on a stone seat (much better) and in the section reserved for ‘Friends of the Minack’.

The patrons are packed in, and the seating has a certain angle, where if you stood up a bit too quickly you may find yourself tumbling towards the stage.The play was ‘The Hypochondriac’ by Moliere adapted by Roger McGough. It was very funny and well acted, I’d come all the way to Cornwall, turned up to see a play and the players were from Newport!! They were the Newport Playgoers Society.

If you are ever down near Land’s End, it’s worth popping into to the Minack, when there isn’t a show on it’s possible to go down and have a look at the stage, and of course you could always take in a play. It being outdoors though, you may want to wrap up. This was the only occasion other than wearing my waterproofs in Penzance that I actually put trousers on. I’d not taken that many layers with me, I was still deluding myself that because it was July it WAS summer; but by the end of the performance I was wearing everything I’d taken with me and was considering asking the lady next to me for her spare blanket!!

So final day done, all there was left to do was drive all the way back to Burnham-on-Sea…without falling asleep at the wheel.