Connections, Coincidence and Fate (Maybe?)

When I started my blog it was going to be all about what was happening in my (dull) life; film, TV, books, music etc etc.

My first and only follower for a long time was Lindsay over at Confessions of a Music Snob.

Lindsay started following me because I started a challenge to listen to all 1001 albums in a book called “1001 Albums To Hear Before You Die”. I’ve slacked off considerably on that challenge mainly due to watching too many films and going on holiday quite a bit. I intend to get right back on the case when I return from America.

The blog that Lindsay writes has introduced me to lots of new music and bands that I wouldn’t normally have listened to, and occasionally She mentions one I’ve actually heard of! That bit of background info leads me nicely into why I’m posting this.

Earlier this week in response to a comment made on another of her posts, Lindsay wrote about a band called Tsunami Bomb. They are one of the few bands I have heard of. I first heard Tsunami Bomb on a music channel in the mid 2000’s possibly around 2004/5.

Back then I was listening to a lot of music that would surprise those who know the 2012 version of me: The Transplants, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rancid, The Distillers, Alkaline Trio, Hole and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards to name a few. So I was not watching MTV, choosing some dodgy low bitrate channel spewing out latest punk/rock bands from the USA instead.

These three tracks are still on my favourites list – There may be some fruity language in the videos for those with sensitive ears.

I bought their album ‘The Ultimate Escape’ and it was never far from my CD player, but I’m always on the lookout for something new and it was replaced by, well I don’t know, but it was replaced and I duly forgot about Tsunami Bomb.

I re-discover them every now and again, I use LastFM so I know I listened to them in Dec 05, Apr 06, Oct 07 & Jan 11 before Lindsay’s post reminded about them again.

I’ve always been attracted to female singers who show a sense of originality in their music, attitude, dress & energy on stage. Cookie cutter singers that populate the charts these days hold very little attraction for me.

Poly Styrene of X-Ray-Spex

Debbie Harry

Gwen Stefani

Karen O

So it was only natural that I would like Tsnumai Bomb and their frontwoman…Agent M.

This was supposed to be a short post! Oh well at least it’s let me enjoy once again, the music I used to listen too.

So the post title is Connections, Coincidence and Fate (Maybe?). So lets get to that. Firstly the connections part.

Lindsay posted about Tsunami Bomb, I re-discovered them and listened to the album, enjoying it immensely for the umpteenth time, I wondered where Agent M was now.

I remembered I’d bought an album by her next project ‘The Action Design’, so I googled them and went to the website. On the front page is a link for Agent M’s or as she is now, Emily Whitehurt’s new band called Survival Guide. Their sound is radically different from Tsnumai Bomb.

So connections done, it’s onto coincidence and fate (maybe?).

The Survival Guide website is minimalist but one page does list their up coming gigs. In fact it lists their one and only up coming gig.

Which will take place on 22nd September 2012 in San Francisco.

Where will I be on 22nd September 2012?

You’ve guessed it, I’ll be in San Francisco on the very last night of my 3 week tour coast to coast from New York. I fly home to the UK the next afternoon. Spooky huh!

But San Francisco is a big place I hear you cry, and I thought that too. Turn’s out my hotel isn’t far from the venue at all.

So I’ve paid $10 for a ticket. What I haven’t decided is if I’m actually going to go! It’ll be a late finish in a city that I don’t know, where I don’t know the transportation system and I’ll be on my own.

I’ll let you know on the 23rd if fates pull was to hard too resist 🙂

3 thoughts on “Connections, Coincidence and Fate (Maybe?)

  1. Wow! What crazy timing for all of this. Maybe you ARE fated to see Agent M./ Emily and her new band. That is so cool. I hope you have a wonderful visit to the States. I haven’t been to most of the places you’re visiting yet, but I imagine San Francisco will be a great stop. Please tell us all about the concert if you actually go. I had no idea she was still making music. It’s very different from Tsunami Bomb, but I like it. Thanks for including me in your post. 🙂 It was a very pleasant surprise.

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