I should have gone to bed but I’d have missed all this!

I was supposed to be getting an early night. To make the transition to Heathrow less painful, I was staying in London for the night before my flight to New York.

My plan involved getting to the hotel around 3pm, relaxing a bit before going out for food. That changed when I bought a cinema ticket for the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. It’s a cinema I’ve wanted to visit for a while, the showing I was going to would finish around 9pm still giving me plenty of time to get an early night – or so I thought.

I checked in, didn’t take any time to relax and went straight out towards Trafalgar Square. My cinema visit would be in about 90 minutes, so I dived into the nearest Garfunkles for some no nonsense food before heading onto Trafalgar Square proper.

The Square is hosting coverage for the Paralympics. I went up the Haymarket to see if anything was happening at Piccadilly; there were lots of barriers and the traffic was pretty much stopped from moving around that area. It was quite odd to see people all over the road, more used to seeing cars and busses jostling for position.

The last time I was in Leicester Square, it was being renovated, that’s now complete, and the square has lots of places to sit and the pass the time; but if you want to spend a penny, it will cost you 50 pennies!!

With time to kill, I wandered around Covent Garden and watched a couple of street performers. One was a circus style entertainer. Although he was the most ungrateful performer I’ve ever seen. Granted he wasn’t getting much response from the crowd but when someone tells you “It’s been a long hard summer and I’m really tired”, “this doesn’t pay much” and when it came to the finale where he struggled to get on his unicycle (admittedly it was a very tall one) he complained even more! I did hand over a few quid though.

With the film done. For those interested it was a Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom. I should have headed for the hotel but I walked back to Piccadilly to see if anything was happening; which there wasn’t really. A couple of blokes swinging around 30 or so feet in the air.

I stopped in Trafalgar Square to watch a bit of the Paralympics, people very gracious clapping every winner! I retraced my steps from earlier and went back to the river and over the Hungerford Bridge, stopping to take a photo.


I could hear dance music and there were lots of flashing lights coming from the flat roof of the Aquarium, so naturally I ignored my bed and went there. It was a live DJ/band set by an Italian group called ‘Motel Connection’ they were quite good. I didn’t throw any shapes but there were some terrible efforts all around me. They eventually finished about 1015 and I stayed to see the next group ‘The Futureheads’ a band I used to listen to a while back, but there set started off a little boring so I finally decided to go to bed.

…..then I remembered there was a freakshow/carnival thing I passed by the bridge. Earlier in the day I saw a group of acrobats doing some amazing things (no pictures though), near here is a very very tall swing thing, can’t really describe it right now, here’s a picture.

20120903-061252.jpg Think Bounce at Oakwood but with less strapping!

I made it in time for the last freakshow, which was okay. The act was an alternative strongman whose named fails me right now, here he is.

He juggled cigar boxes, which was more impressive than it sounds, hammered a nail I to his nasal cavity and for the finale lifted some weights using a hook which he put through his tongue. I didn’t take a picture of that but here’s the nail.

When the show was finished, I finally went to bed, it was nearly midnight, late for me not so much for others…but I had a 7 hour plane journey to come.