I’m Walkin’ Here!

The plan for my first full day in NYC was simple. See as much as possible, with one condition; walk as much as possible.

My first nights sleep wasn’t good, I think I had about 4 hours. A combination of being on UK time and not wanting to sleep too long, that I missed most of the morning. So I was awake around 5am local time, 10am UK.

Being up I was able to see the sun rise.

This is what my room looks like.

Nice big TV

And the kitchenette

20120905-072457.jpg To the left is a fridge and an electric hob, on which I boil the kettle. Old school style.

Fed and watered I headed out for a long day. I’m on 74th Street and I headed left out of the hotel for 72nd Street and the Dakota building.

20120905-072802.jpg I wanted to go over and have a proper look through the gates but it just seemed a bit morbid. Every other tourist I’ve seen taking pictures of the entrance where Lennon was shot, did so from the other side of the street.

Into the park and the first thing you notice are the dogs. Lots of them. Running free. Which isn’t so good if you are wary of dogs like I am.

Strawberry Fields

20120905-073207.jpg Despite being an Englishman, I’ve lived in Wales for over 20 years and when I left my job, amongst other things I was given was this Dragon, he’s come with me on the trip and will be popping up in the occasional picture.


The weather at the moment is hot and very humid, I mentioned dogs, well dogs tend to pee everywhere they go, and that mixed with the weather makes for an unfortunate smell in most places, even more so in the park.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. The setting for many a movie scene, the first that came to mind was ‘Ransom’ a Mel Gibson film from 1996. It was here that his son was kidnapped during a science fair. Recently it featured at the end of ‘The Avengers’ where the gang say their final goodbyes.


I continued through the park trying to find the bits I wanted to see but without a map, it was difficult. So I just wandered around seeing what I could see.
This The Mall, another well filmed area of the park, if you see a New York film and someone is on a bench near trees, it’s probably here.

There are many statues dotted around the park, this is Daniel Webster who was a Senator, the statue is on West Drive.


One statue that I wanted to see was Balto, the heroic dog who pulled a sled to save a town.


More photos to follow…

2 thoughts on “I’m Walkin’ Here!

  1. I’m a little jealous of your accommodation. It’s much nicer than the couch I crashed on in Brooklyn a couple weekends ago. Haha. My friend and I never had time for Strawberry Fields or the majority of the places you’re supposed to visit on your first trip to NYC. I’m glad you’re getting to see the sites. I was watching Ghostbusters yesterday, and it made me want to go back to NYC and try to find some of the locations they used in the film. Haha. I completely forgot about the Balto statue. I’ll add that to my list for next time, too.

    • I’ve just seen your comment! Although I’m getting wifi most of where I go (apart from Amtrak) it’s hectic each day and I’m only just getting around to blogging again.

      NYC just reminded me of so many films, I’ll post some other locations I saw along the way soon.

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