Taking It Easy & Forking Out For Broadway

I’m a little confused by this day, as I didn’t take many pictures and I know I was south of Times Square somewhere In the afternoon but I can’t remember where!

As I’d had a busy day on Monday I decided to take it a little easier. So I didn’t rush to get out of the hotel. When I did leave I went West towards the Hudson River. I knew there was a cafe on Pier I that I could walk to and get a drink.

As I reached the park there was a great view of the river, which was much wider than I expected. Then I remembered Sully landed a plane on it.




Standing where I took the first picture was a redneck; his description not mine. A man covered in tattoos that looked like prison tattoos to my untrained I’ve-seen-them-in-films eye. He was pleasant enough,meh told me he was a boat captain on the river, and if he was then so was I. It was his day off and he was going to enjoy a few cans, including the one he was hiding at 0930am from park security. I was expecting him to ask for cash but he didn’t, he wished me well and off I went.

After an iced tea at the cafe I headed east towards Central Park, not so much for a look around, more for something to eat. I had a pleasant time in one of the cafes and then wandered in the direction of the Fifth Avenue end of the park.

On the way I saw a Bollywood film sequence being filmed, well not so much filmed as fluffed every time by the lead actor. He was supposed to be doing a dance routine with his female co-star but kept getting it wrong. I watched for five minutes as the director got more and more angry and then I left the to it.

It was at this point that I went into F.A.O Schwarz, as it was closed the previous day due to Labor Day; a bank holiday as we in the UK would understand it.

Then my memory of this day gets a little fuzzy. I know I was below Times Square because I wanted to get there to buy a Broadway ticket. I got on the wrong subway train and headed west instead of north. But where I was and why I was there I’m really not sure.

Anyway I was over on Lexington Avenue and I knew the TKTS booths would be opening soon, so I started to walk towards Times Square, but that was going to take too long so I got a cab.

The driver was on his mobile the whole way, trying to sort out some cash deal that sounded really dodgy. As he neared Times Square he had a low speed fender bender with another cab. He gets out ranting and raving, telling the other driver that he has a witness in his cab (me) and then tells me to stay in the cab.

Which I do for about a minute as I mull over my options. Stay put and explain to the police what I saw, which was very little or hand over 10 dollars and do a runner.

I chose the latter.

The TKTS lines were massive and I was still tired from the flight and all the walking from the day before. I didn’t fancy waiting in line so I went straight to the box office and paid for their top seat; $117.

The show I saw as Chaplin. A new production which was in previews, due to open the following week; as I type I have read two reviews and they weren’t kind.

However I loved it. The lead Rob McClure is excellent as the Tramp character, he has the movements and mannerisms of the character down to a T. I didn’t like everything about the show, like the reviewers I would have liked a bit more about some of his more famous set pieces but then the show would go on for hours. If it comes to London with Rob McClure I’d definitely go and see it again.

With the show finished I went through Times Square; I know I took pictures! But they aren’t in this days folder so I’ll get to them later!! In the subway station was a band playing some decent but extremely loud music.


There was a sizeable crowd watching but not many moving forward to hand over any spare change. When they got to the end of which ever song they were playing, this was their next choice.

As I stopped filming some did cough up, I dropped some spare change I had and made my way to my train, the hotel and bed!

One thought on “Taking It Easy & Forking Out For Broadway

  1. Just wanted to explain why the musicians in the subway were playing so loud: the spot where they played has been a busking spot for “ever”, until the store was opened right next to it. The owner of the store hates musicians, so he blasts out music from his store in order to out-loud the musicians and force them to leave. That is why I don’t play there anymore (it was my favorite spot for 15 years!) because I am acoustic. Only musicians who can out-loud the store’s speakers can play there now. It’s really disgusting that a store that sells music treats musicians so disrespectfully.
    This is me http://youtu.be/lPvTTc7jAVQ – if you see me in the subway, come say ‘hi’.

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