These Boots Were Made For Walking

As I write this I’m in Denver the fourth US city I’ve visited. Which means I have some catching up too do.

I didn’t even finish my first day in New York! I spent that day walking as much as I could, trying to hit as many of the spots that I wanted to ‘tick off’ my mental list of NYC sights.

The map I was given on check in was a really handy guide to the city but I left it in my room, so I walked around Central Park looking for various things but never really finding them. It would be a few days later when I finally accomplished my Central Park List.

I’m a film fan and most US cities have had a film or two filmed within their city limits, and NYC is of course no exception. There have been some real classics filmed here but the one I focused on as I walked around the park was Home Alone 2. Mainly because the sights are easy to spot. Getting to the bottom of the park and the Plaza Hotel looms large in the sky.


Kevin meets the pigeon lady at this spot, I didn’t quite get the angle right and of course it’s got a few more plants now.


As I left the park I went around to the front of the hotel to see the entrance used in the film.


Also in this area is F.A.O. Schwarz, famous for the scene in Big where Tom Hanks plays the Big Piano, in reality it’s not like the film and is altogether a bit disappointing, although the kids who were running about on it seemed to be having a grand old time.

My pictures are a little jumbled on my iPad, I’ve transferred them for two reasons; for backup and so that it’s easier to add them to this blog and Facebook. I’ve two cameras with me and copying in the pictures from both results in them not quite being in the order I took them, that coupled with doing this from memory may mean it may jump about a bit – although you’d not know that but I’ve told you anyway!!

I went in St Patricks or St Pats as its known here, it’s one Fifth Avenue amid all the famous shops, it was beautiful inside, the stained glass was awesome. I took a few pictures without my flash; if it’s old I don’t like to use the flash as it can be harmful, so it may be a bit fuzzy.


If my Mum ever went into a church she would light a candle for her Mum, so I do the same for my Mum. Mum has now had candles lit for her in some pretty cool places so far, St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame & now St Pats. It being a Catholic Cathedral Mum would have had a chuckle as I lit a candle on fire (think about it). I would light another candle later in the week at a place with a strong connection to one of the most tragic events in US history but that’s to come.

Moving on I got my first taste of Times Square, a place I would visit many times over my 5 days in NYC.




These five faces kept popping up around NYC, even the street vendors had pictures galore of the quintet.


The first traffic cop I saw who was actually directing traffic, crazy hand and feet movements included, I was going to take video but as your can see, he was a bit grumpy so I didn’t risk it.


The first view I got of the Empire State Building, I’d get a much up close and personal view a few days later.


Another first, the first fire escape on the side of a building. I thought there would be more but perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right places.


The Flatiron Building, amazing to see this in person.


In the park near the Flatiron Building was a Jazz trio, I don’t like Jazz but they seemed to be having a good time, so I threw a few coins into their bucket.


If anyone knows their NYC geography I was making progress towards Washington Square Park but I’ll get to that in my next blog post which will be coming up very soon.