Head in the Clouds

From St. Paul’s I headed for Brooklyn Bridge. My intention was to walk over and back, before heading towards Battery Park. That changed when I realised just how far it was to walk from the street to the bridge.




My film knowledge let me down here too; I was going over the bridge looking for the spot where the famous bench scene from Manhattan was filmed. I looked with no luck, I googled it when I got back to my room and realised I was at the wrong bridge altogether. The scene was filmed at the Queensborough Bridge.

Once back in Manhattan I changed my plans and headed back into the main city. It was time to visit one of the iconic buildings of New York and America; The Empire State Building.


I’ve now conquered my fear of heights, so getting out into the fresh air at height (this only applies to tourist attractions!) doesn’t bother me as it once did.







As expected the views are tremendous. In the guide books it’s recommend to only visit one of the two tall viewing spots in New York; either Empire State or Top of the Rock.

I ignored that and did both. I bought a ticket for 10pm so that I would get some nighttime shots of the city. They are coming up soon.

Once down from the Empire State viewing platform, I walked north and towards Times Square to get the subway to the hotel, stopping on the way at the New York Library to be a picture of the original Winnie the Pooh toys in the children’s section.


I rested for a little bit before heading back out to the Top of the Rock.



I didn’t take many photos as I wasn’t sure how they’d come out. I was up there for about an hour or so just taking in the view, which was tremendous.