Survival Guide at Hotel Utah, San Francisco

Tonight I heard Emily Whitehurst sing. That won’t mean much unless you are; me, Lindsay over at Confessions of a Music Snob, a fan of Emily, Tsunami Bomb, The Action Design or Survival Guide.

A few weeks ago before I departed on my trip across the USA, I posted about various musical connections that led me to purchase a ticket to see Survival Guide at Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

Here’s my original post.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go but I did, and a few hours ago I got to see Emily play (sorry couldn’t resist).

Better than that I got to meet Emily and her band mate Jaycen McKissick. I’ll apologise now to Jaycen for not realising he was also in The Action Design.

I’m no music critic, you only have to read my posts on the 1001 Albums challenge I set myself, to know that. So I’ll just say this; Survival Guide is very different from Tsunami Bomb, and that’s a good thing. Artists need to evolve and that’s what Emily is doing. The songs sound great too!

As the set drew to a close Emily said there was some merchandise available to buy, I spotted a t-shirt and when the band had finished I went over to get one. The band were still on stage taking down their equipment, so I asked the Lady who was sat near them if I could get one. The Lady turned out to be Betty from Go Betty Go, the headline act – a little embarrassing!

She was nice and we had a brief chat, I mentioned that I’d travelled from the UK and across the US before finally seeing the band. Betty said I should tell Emily that, I wasn’t so sure.

My intention for the evening was to see Survival Guide and then leave, as I have 10 hour flight tomorrow afternoon. But having embarrassed myself in front of Betty, I thought I should stay.

As Go Betty Go we’re setting up Emily and Jaycen came over to sell their merchandise and get ready to watch the show. I mustered up the courage to say hello and tell Emily I had come over from the UK. As I did, She said your the guy whose going home tomorrow, I read your post.

At first I said no that couldn’t have been my post, in fact I just about denied that I’d written it; I thought She was talking about a post on a fan site somewhere, but Emily recounted the details of the post, that I’d been reminded of Tsunami Bomb by Lindsay, and I was going home the next day etc etc.

So I’m trying to keep my cool (it didn’t work) and all I can think is, Emily read my post. It turned out that a fan had made her aware of it.

I took some shots of the set on my phone but they haven’t come through to my iPad yet, so I’ll post them later.

Feeling confident I asked for a picture:

Jaycen – Me – Agent M / Emily Whitehurst


I stayed on for Go Betty Go, and despite not really catching any of the words (it was very very loud) it was an excellent set. Lead singer Nicolette Vilar sure can move, and sing of course, a very captivating stage presence.

I’m glad I went, not just because I got to meet the band but because it was a cracking way to finish what has been an excellent trip across the USA.

Thank you Emily.

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