Home is where the suitcase is

So I’m back in the UK and my American adventure is over.

I’ll continue to add posts chronicling my trip over the coming days. Let’s see just how long it takes for my body clock to adjust from Pacific Time to GMT. A difference of 8 hours.

I was sad to leave America, I know for the most part I only saw the country from a tourists point of view, but it was a fabulous trip and going by train is the perfect way to do it.

The people I spoke to were always friendly, courteous and willing to help. Despite playing down my own intelligence I was able to hold my own in some spectacular conversations about the US, UK, politics, sport and world affairs.

On the flight home, I was sat next to two Americans, one was 20 the other 22. Although they didn’t know each other, they were both travelling to the same college at Oxford University. These were two very clever individuals, one had completed an internship at Facebook and was a math genius. We chatted for 3 hours, covering the same old subjects, politics, Obama/Romney, US healthcare or the lack of it, sports and various other bits and pieces.

The older guy has not been to the UK before, so we talked about the things he could see whilst he was in the country, and what he could expect; bad weather, bad service, dodgy trains & even more bad weather!

My trip to the States won’t be my last, I know I’ll go back one day. There are places I’d like to revisit: New York, Chicago, The Rockies, Durango, Silverton, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Williams, Los Angeles (only to do a studio tour!) & San Francisco.

Having travelled on part of Route 66, theres definitely a pull to drive what’s left of the route, plus there’s the rest of the country to visit.

I was asked about halfway through the trip if I would be going back a changed person. At the time I said probably, now I can say yes. I’m still the quiet person I will probably remain forever, but my willingness to speak to complete strangers has increased, and it turns out I’m not as stupid as I thought.

My confidence about travelling alone in the UK has always been high and that transferred to having no worries for my few days alone in New York. So if I was to travel alone again (more than likely!), at least in an English speaking country, I think I would be fine.

Having been to America, check that, having crossed America, I would now like to travel some more. Those thoughts are tempered though, with the fact that I have some choices and decisions to make in the coming months.

The Open University course I enrolled on starts in early October, and I was considering applying for a position at PGL which could give me a wage for 2013 but could also potentially tie me up for the whole year. It would be a fantastic opportunity if I was successful but would curtail any travel plans.

It’s a great position to be in, but I know the more travel I do, the sooner I need to find a job!