I went all the way there and forgot to go…

We were scheduled to leave the hotel at 12 sharp, in order to be in the right place and on time for our train to Chicago.

That meant I had to be up and at ’em if I wanted to get where I wanted to go. On our arrival in Washington D.C. we saw the Lincoln Memorial and it was swarming with people, I said that day, that I would be back when it was quieter.

It’s a lot quieter at about 07:30 in the morning, as is the whole National Mall. Although there were still people about. There was a triathlon taking place that morning and I could hear the commentators doing there thing as I walked down the Mall.

Having taken all the pictures I wanted, I grabbed a cab back to the hotel for a quick breather before heading over to the bus stop.

My next destination was the Iwo Jima Memorial, I wasn’t able to get to it the day before and I had to see it properly. We had been driven passed on our coach tour.

It’s a very impressive site.

To get to the Memorial on the bus, as I did, you go through Georgetown. It’s a really nice part of the Capitol that hasn’t been overrun with modern buildings. It still has the character of when it was founded in 1751.

The one reason I went to Georgetown was a film location and I forgot to go! The steep steps from The Exorcist are located not too far from where I got off the bus and I completely forgot to go and have a look. Oh well another excuse for a repeat visit.

On the bus back to the hotel, I stopped briefly for a look at the other side of the White House. I think I was the only one from the group who went to see this other view.So it was onwards to Chicago, and it would be the first of three nights, spread over the entire trip, that we would be sleeping on the train.

This was our car attendant. He is very tall, okay I’m short but he’s still very tall.