Going Cross Country

We left Chicago to travel across the middle of America to Denver. I’m going to post pictures from the journey as Denver was dull and I took about 5 pictures in the city.

You’ll have to excuse the reflections that may be in the photos, the price you pay when you take photos on a train.The mighty Mississippi riverFlag at half mast for 9/11A few times on each long train journey, there is an opportunity to get off while the new passengers get on. One of the places we stopped was Ottumwa. Amtrak provide not only a timetable for you to follow but also a route guide. For Ottumwa it stated that it was the fictional birthplace of Corporal Eugene ‘Radar’ O’Reilly from the TV series M*A*S*H. So now you know!

We arrived in Denver the following morning, the second night on a train was better, I think I slept pretty much all night. It was raining and a bit chilly in Denver, a complete change from recent weather for both the locals and us.

We had a brief (uninspiring, at least for me) tour of the city before getting to the hotel, which had an interesting past, having been home to the Denver Playboy Club in the 1970’s.

The majority of the group chilled out, whereas me and my pal Peter went for a wander down to the 16th Street Mall. It was still raining and within a few minutes we realised we had made the wrong decision as we were now getting very wet!

It was an opportunity to get some souvenirs and the lay of the land. The following day we were off to The Rockies, we had been told it may be cold up at 12,000 feet. So I went to buy another layer and ended up with a red (is there any other colour?) long sleeved tee with Denver CO on the front. Peter added to his growing collection of souvenirs. On our travels we spotted a cinema and decided to come back later in the day to see new release Lawless.

When I go to the cinema in the UK I wonder at the amount of trailers that are shown, preceding Lawless there must have been 15 trailers! On our way in we decided to get some refreshments, Peter bought his first and went for the medium option, on seeing what Peter had been handed, I settled for a small. My iPhone is in front of my drink.Denver was a strange place, there didn’t appear to be many people about. The city tour guide did tell us that people prefer to drive everywhere so maybe that accounts for it but it did leave the city feeling soulless.