Taking It Easy in Flagstaff

When I was looking at the trip itinerary, I had always marked this down as a day where I would do very little.

The company offered an optional trip out to see the Montezuma Castle and some other sights but I’d figured I would have seen enough by this point. At Grand Junction our tour guide Ros had asked me if I was planning on going to the castle; I explained that I wasn’t and I had always planned it that way.

It turned out that none of our group decided to take the trip to the castle, preferring instead to relax by the swimming pool or go into Flagstaff.

I had to make a quick shopping trip before I could relax. My plan was to travel light and I’d bought a bag that was big enough to do that, however I had bought a few things by this point and my bag was at it’s limit; I was now taking my rucksack + one other bag onto the coach each day. So I caught the bus out to the local mall and went suitcase shopping.
The Flagstaff Mall and it’s rather nice setting. This was my first ever American Mall, and as I expected it was very much like UK shopping centres; yes I know we borrowed the concept.

Once I’d made my purchase I went back to the hotel and got into the swimming pool and other than a break for lunch, I stayed there for most of the day.

I took these photos the next day on my way to breakfast.

In the evening we all went over to Black Bart’s Steakhouse. I’d looked it up and I knew there would be music on offer, I just wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.

We were ushered in as a group and sat on two long tables. There was a stage and a pianist. He began playing and all of a sudden the waiting staff started to sing as they were going about their jobs. Some would go to the stage and continue the song as the others delivered food or drinks.

The singing continued for the 2 and a bit hours we were there, with each staff member taking their turn up on stage, with the occasional group song thrown in.The songs were all show tunes and everyone (me included) joined in and sang along. The singing was supposed to stop at 9pm but because we had all been joining in, they carried on for a little bit longer.

For my meal I had a steak which was lovely and although I was pretty much full, I listened to the desert menu; which included deep fried ice cream.

It was very sweet but also very very nice!

Here’s a short example of the singing.