There are lots of spoilers ahead!

So it begins. I saw Twilight in 2009 when it was released for home rental, and even though that was only 3 years ago, I had forgotten large parts of this film.

The key points were there; Bella, Edward, he’s a vampire, she’s not, Jacobs a werewolf but we & he don’t know that yet, B&E fall in love and there’s a fight at the end.

This being the opening act, there are a lot of characters to introduce, loyalties to be defined and mythology stated. This is done well, even though this was the second time through for me, I still remembered who was who and who loved/liked/hated who. Once Bella & Edward get together not a great deal happens, in the background are the three vampires killing off locals. These vampires haven’t seen an episode of Angel and have forgotten that you need to dress for the time you are living in. When we are first introduced to them, James appears to be in the guise of a 1980’s hair metal lead singer, get with the times dude.

This subplot eventually pushes its way forward and following a showdown at perhaps the strangest baseball game ever featured on film, and we are suddenly racing towards the finish. This felt all too quick to me, we are introduced to James, then he’s chasing after Bella before being defeated by Edward in a decent fight sequence, before being ripped into itty bitty pieces and burnt by the Cullen family. Our heroes make it to the prom and all is well with the world, for now.

Watching it for the second time I was able to pick up on things that I wouldn’t have noticed the first time around. Nothing massive; for example when the Cullen’s walk through the cafeteria at the start of the film Anna Kendrick’s character Jessica remarks that Jasper always looks like he is in pain; later in the film it is revealed that he is the newest member of the family and therefore the least adept at controlling his urges, so yes he looks in pain because he wants to bite everyone in the room but can’t.

We are introduced to Mike & Jessica during gym class, Jessica makes a joke about Bella’s pale skin and that she used to live in Arizona so should have a tan, but no one at any point seems to wonder why Dr & Mrs Cullen have extremely pale skin and that their foster kids also inextricably also have pale skin. Oh and where did they find the wig for Jacob? A truly terrible wig.

I’m assuming Victoria will make an appearance in New Moon, as she was shown skulking about at the Prom watching Edward & Bella. Revenge perhaps?

Edward and Bella are supposed to be in love but I don’t get that feeling at all, maybe it comes off the page better than it does on screen. It feels like two people who just happen to be in the same space at the same time. Where’s the passion? The two actors have had a famous (in recent times on/off) relationship so perhaps that on screen chemistry will come through as the series progresses.

A decent enough start and although I’ve read a little of what is too come; Ed does a bunk, Jacob gets cosy with Bella, then there’s a wedding, a baby & a transformation. I don’t know specifics of the entire plot, so how that all fits into another 8 hours of film I’ll have to wait and find out.

3 out of 5