LA to San Francisco aka A Very Long Day

Another brief stay in another city was at an end. Our next and final destination was San Francisco but that would mean a whole day on the train.
The journey was supposed to take around 10 hours but ended up being over 12. The flight back to the UK would only take 10 and a half!

Thankfully Amtrak trains are very comfortable and unlike British trains, you have to have a ticket to get on, so no overcrowding.

Although we had been in LA for a day and had technically gone Coast to Coast the day before, it was only once we’d glimpsed the Pacific Ocean from the train that we all realised we had done it.

DSC_0111DSC_0118DSC_0121Me at a stop in Santa Barbara – it was extremely hot there.DSC_0131

DSC_0146Another brief stop and leg stretch at San Luis Obispo. This gives a sense of just how big the Amtrak trains are.DSC_0168

Looking down the track, if you zoom in (or get really close to the screen) you can see the front of the train in the distance – and that’s not really the front, there is another engine out of the shot!!DSC_0171

Looking down at the Highway.DSC_0181DSC_0189Despite the trip taking 12 hours, it was a good trip. The scenery was really interesting. At one point we passed a NASA facility and could see rockets and other space related equipment. It was also quite nice just to sit, look out of the window, listen to some music and relax, as there hadn’t been a great deal of relaxing on this trip, at least not by me.

We arrived in San Francisco after dark, and the train station is located in Oakland, so we had to drive over the Bay Bridge which gave us a great view of the city all lit up, and in the distance we could just make out the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge, but more on that another time.