Lou Valagran – Photo update

I wrote back in August about I trip I went on to the South of France. You can read that here.

At the time I wrote the post, I only had my photos, which didn’t feature me that much. Now all the photos taken have been collated and sent out.

I looked at them at the Youth Club with some of those young people who were on the trip, at home I had a better look through and didn’t see too many of me; which I wasn’t upset about as I don’t photograph very well! So knowing I wanted to update my original post, I looked through them again last night, and found myself in more pictures than I had done before, which was nice. For obvious reasons I can’t post a lot of them due to the young people being the main focus of the pictures.

The one’s I can are below.

This was taken on taken during the first day and it probably isn’t too long after we capsized. The two youngsters in my canoe had a tendency to take their paddles out of the water at critical moments, which they have done here, so I’m probably barking at them “paddle, paddle, paddle”DSCF9659Also on the first day, at a break possibly for lunch. I’ve no idea what I’m saying, although they had all been told to get out of the water, which is most likely what the PGL staff member on the right is saying too. That or I am telling them all what a good job they were doing – you decide.DSCF9644The second day, and the second leap from height into the water. I was trying to be different and spin myself around, at the same time playing for time and working up the courage to jump! Hence the looks of amusement from the three guys behind me.

DSCF9744About to hit!!DSCF9745Hopefully the trip will be on again next year, and hopefully I will be lucky enough to be asked to go. Then I can go down the river with the confidence that I’ve done it once, and can do it again!