Last Day, Leather and a Long Flight Home

So it had arrived, the day of departure. We weren’t leaving until the afternoon so we still had a few hours to kill.

This was the view from my hotel room when I woke up, a bit misty or perhaps its fog.IMG_2006I headed for the Cable Car Museum, which was a short walk away. The museum itself is okay, it has the history behind the system but the most interesting part and the reason I went was this is where the cables all meet.

I have no pictures! but its pretty amazing to see the cables all at one spot, knowing they are pulling cars all over this area of the city.
Some others from the tour were also making use of their remaining time by visiting the museum.

On the walk back I got some pictures to try and show the angle of the streets; I’m not sure they tell the whole story.IMG_2007IMG_2013Near the hotel I finally captured a moving cable car.IMG_2015Once back at the hotel, there was just time to double and triple check the luggage before heading downstairs to gather with the rest of the group.

In my last post I mentioned the Folsom Street Fair and it’s leather clad devotees. When I got downstairs I regaled the group of my adventures across the city the previous night, the gig and the leather men on the bus.

As we headed towards the airport we went through the main part of the city, parallel to the streets that lead to Folsom Street. It was here that semi naked leather clad people started appearing, much to the amusement of the group, especially the ladies.

There were lots of men in leather and PVC, and some women too which appeased the husbands amongst the group! As we got closer to the area where the fair was taking place, the amount of clothing worn started to reduce dramatically. One guy was only wearing a hat, and everything was on show and swinging in the breeze.

My Youtube history makes for some interesting reading as I’ve searched for a video to give you dear reader, an opportunity to see what it’s like for yourself. Unfortunately the video wont play, it doesn’t appear to be age restricted as all the naughty bits are well pixilated. If I’m honest the video is quite tame compared to what we actually saw; but if you want to see it and more click below.

Click here for the video

The flight back was long, 10 and a half hours and I couldn’t get to sleep properly and only dozed a bit. I sat next to two young Americans who were interesting to talk to.

Back in Blighty, I rode the tube back to Paddington, before heading to my hotel in Waterloo. I wasn’t due to check in for another 2 hours but pleaded and must have looked tired enough for them to let me in early.  I literally crashed into bed and slept for a few hours.

I would have just stayed in bed if it wasn’t for the theatre tickets I had booked. It seemed like a great idea months before the trip but after the sleepless flight and only three hours sleep since we left San Francisco I was left ruing my purchase. At this point I had been nearly 24 hours without proper sleep.

The play I went to see was Hedda Gabler at the Old Vic. The star of the show was Sheridan Smith who is known in the UK as a comic actress, here playing the Hamlet of women’s roles. The performance was brilliant but I struggled to keep my eyes open, only just making it through. Once it finished I went straight back to bed, and as they say ‘was asleep before my head hit the pillow’.

An uneventful train journey back to Wales was followed by 45 minutes on a bus and then I was home.

Before we departed from the tour guide, the marvellous Roz who I have the utmost respect and admiration for, gave us an information sheet with various figures on it. I shall add them to my next post.