Old Photos

A few posts ago I alluded to the time I took off some of my clothes at a party in The Gremlin. Well today I was looking for photos to add to a post that will be up in early May, and I came across some photos from that night.

It was a 60s night but I can’t actually recall the occasion; possibly a retirement party.IMGHere I am in my 60s outfit. I actually walked up the street dressed like that on my own and got to the pub a bit early and had to wait for everyone else to arrive, whilst the regulars all looked at me a little bemused.

IMG_0001Here I am with a Budweiser in hand, which was my drink of choice back then, and I hated every mouthful! A couple of people reading this will recognise themselves too, bopping away as, I think it’s Neil Mullin, sings Karaoke. I may be wrong though.

This evening would see me remove my shirt and dance around as I got a little bit drunk, later I would take a go on the Karaoke and warble through a terrible version, complete with badly executed dance moves, of YMCA.

See: I used to be fun!