Bucket List – Updated

Nearly two years ago in December 2011, I made a Bucket List of things to do before I die. Like so many things that I start, I promptly forgot about it.

So I thought it was high time that I went back and had a look at it and see if I have accomplished anything on the list. The original post is here.

1. Watch The Godfather Trilogy in one day. 9 hours!
2. Watch The Lord of The Rings Extended Trilogy on one day. 12 hours!

3. Watch all six Star Wars films in one day. That’s a whopping 13 and a half hours!

  • I watched the six films over a 24 hour period on 30 & 31 March 2012

4. Run a mile without stopping.
5. Run five miles without stopping.

  • I have run a mile many times since my original post but not much further. However this week I broke the 5 mile barrier when I ran 6 miles this morning.

6. Run a half marathon.
7. Run a marathon
8. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.

9. See the view from the top of St Paul’s Cathedral.
10. See the view from the top of The Eiffel Tower.

  • I saw both views during a trip to London & Paris in April 2012

11. Tandem parachute jump.
12. Visit each county in Wales, England & Scotland.
13. Visit the places I lived in prior to Brecon – Crickhowell, Bushey, Whetstone & Soest.
14. Go to the place of my birth; Harrogate.

15. Visit New York.

  • I spent 4 1/2 days in New York as part of my trip across the USA in September 2012

16. Visit Dallas & Dealey Plaza.

17. Watch a Six nations match.

  • I watched Wales v Italy on 10 March 2012.

18. Watch a Premiership football match.

  • I watched Cardiff City v Manchester City on 25 August 2013

19. Complete 100 consecutive press ups.
20. Read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
21. Read The Complete Sherlock Holmes.
22. Go whale watching.
23. See the Northern Lights.
24. See the Severn Bore.

25. Do a complete loop on the Circle Line.

  • I haven’t done this, as I’m not sure it’s possible. I’ll keep it here just in case.

26. Swim with Dolphins.
27. See sharks close up.
28. Attend an F1 race.

New additions

29. Take part in a 10K race
30. Complete the Brecon Beast
31. Attempt a Tough Mudder course
32. Do a fire walk
33. See the Leaning Tower of Piza
34. Learn how to juggle