Horror Challenge Week One

In week one of my challenge, I saw seven films but skipped one of those from my original list. That film is ‘Child’s Play’, a sixth film featuring the Chucky character is due on DVD towards the end of this month, so I shall watch them all together when it is released.

The films I saw in order were: Christine (1983), Children of the Corn (1984), The Fly (1958), Re-Animator (1985), The Fly (1986), Hellraiser (1987) & Pet Sematary (1989).

I am ranking them in order of entertainment that I get from them, here is a screenshot from Letterboxd.Week1

The only film I had seen before was The Fly (1986) but that was some time ago. I was really surprised that I enjoyed the 50s original more. The 86 film feels more real and is far more gory but I liked the acting and the subtleness of the earlier film.

As I put my list together, I didn’t notice the number of Stephen King adaptations I had included. However they haven’t fared well so far, currently taking up the bottom three places. I was disappointed with Pet Sematary, as it sounded quite interesting but the lead character was just rather stupid, didn’t listen to advice, was carless with his children, acted foolishly and selfishly, all of which put me off.

The biggest surprise so far was Re-Animator, a film I had heard of but had dismissed as a gore-fest and nothing else, and whilst there is a lot of gore towards the end, in fact the last twenty minutes are bonkers, there is a really good and entertaining film in there. I fully expect it to be in the Top Ten come the end of the month but only time will tell.

The individual rankings are:

5 Stars

4 Stars
The Fly (1958)

3 Stars
The Fly (1986)
Children of the Corn

2 Stars
Pet Sematary

1 Star