Horror Challenge – How did it end?

So the last time I posted properly was during a challenge I undertook during October. The challenge I set myself was to watch horror films, a genre I’m not normally keen on. I put together a list of films from the last 31 years ending with the remake of The Evil Dead.

The original list is here. I managed to watch 24 of the 31, along side the list I thought about other films I wanted to see and those filed out the other 11 films I watched. For example I had Scream in the list, so rewatched #2 & #3 before seeing #4.

At the end of the challenge I had watched a total of 35 horror films. You can find them all on this list over on Letterboxd. The list is arranged in the ranked order that I enjoyed them from most to least.

For posterity here is the Top Ten.

1. Scream – 1996 – Wes Craven
2. The Blair Witch Project – 1999 – Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez
3. The Evil Dead – 1981 – Sam Raimi
4. Re-Animator – 1985 – Stuart Gordon
5. Theatre of Blood – 1973 – Douglas Hickox
6. Dawn of the Dead – 2004 – Zack Snyder
7. Scream 4 – 2011 – Wes Craven
8. Carrie – 1976 – Brian De Palma
9. Evil Dead – 2013 – Fede Alvarez
10. The Fly – 1958 – Kurt Neumann

I actually enjoyed watching most of the films but I can’t say I was particularly scared at any point during any of the films, of course there are bits in many that make you jump, but that’s just horror film-making.

Horror won’t always be a go to film genre for me but at least I know now, that I don’t have to avoid it altogether!